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About 'Handmade'

"I believe each new instrument brings with it the ability to learn something new. Each has its own personality."    - Pat Wyss

‘Handmade’ is a heartfelt collection of folk songs, each written and performed with an instrument hand made by Pat Wyss. A lifelong musician, Pat decided it was time to start making his own instruments. Six years later, after some friendly prodding from family and friends, the time was right to make a record.

Recorded & produced in Austin, TX with musician James Reed, ‘Handmade’ is a whimsical record - each track showcases Pat's warm and lived-in voice just as much as any instrument. Charming as it is sincere, 'Handmade' will put a smile on your face and a hook in your heart.


'Handmade' by Pat Wyss

  1. Rails to Trails
  2. Alice
  3. I Wish I Had a Bobcat
  4. Angels on the Wall
  5. Buffalo Roam
  6. Dawn of the Day
  7. Wondering
  8. Yo Truck
  9. When You're in Love it Shows
  10. Masquerade

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